To mark the millennium year the parish council have erected a village sign and a “Seething millennium mug” was issued to children. These pictures record the official unveiling of the sign at midday on December 31st 2000.

The idea of village signs originally started in Norfolk when the first U.K. sign was erected at Sandringham. There are now hundreds of signs the length and breadth of Britain, all proclaiming the pride felt for the village and usually attempting some kind of historical interpretation of the history of that village in the design of the sign.

Although a village sign was suggested at least 20 years ago, Seething now, at last, has got one, situated on the corner of School Lane, within sight of the parish church.

At pictures you can see County Councilor, Adrian Gunson waits for the ceremony to get underway with a watery winter sun trying to shine in the background on this the last day of December 2001.

On the right we see Colin and Beryl Carver to the right of the sign, who have kindly donated the sign to the village, Jimmy LeCoq, chairman of the parish council stands on the left of the sign with Elizabeth Tozer, who designed the sign.

Speeches over, and everyone thanked for their help, Adrian Gunson pulls the rope and reveals the sign to the residents and wins general approval. The view on the right is how most people will see the roadside sign as they approach from the Brooke direction.

Just over 100 parishioners turned out for the ceremony (about a third of the population), with a further twenty or so people from neighbouring parishes and several dignitaries.

And finally the Millenium mugs which were distributed to all under 10 year-olds in the parish at the School after the sign had been unveiled. Other residents who had ordered a mug when the idea was first floated had their delivered during the previous few days.

Whether or not these mugs will turn up on the “Antiques Roadshow” in years to come, as collectable items remains to be seen!